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Saturday, Feb 24, 2018
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Zuku fibre review
#81 Posted : Tuesday, January 10, 2017 2:26:37 PM
Rank: Elder

Joined: 4/22/2010
Posts: 10,258
Location: Nairobi
otienosmall wrote:
kayhara wrote:
otienosmall wrote:
Shak wrote:
otienosmall wrote:
Zuku has really lost it!

mmarto wrote:
I am moving to safcom BIGBox. I've been on zuku for several years and my reasons:
1. They are now behaving like a monopoly, increasing subscription at will and notification by sms!!!
Very true. I started my subscription at KSH 1,500 for 1 mbps. Several years down the line as I came to quit, I was paying 3,499 for the same 1 mbps.
2. Of late i experienced poor service with on/off services.
Terribly unstable
3. In a week i make about 3 calls to their call centre and each time the first solution is like , have you switched modem on/off, is network icon showing yellow exclamation mark, etc. I am fed up.
I have been calling 3 to 4 times a week. At times I am kept waiting for close to 10 minutes before I get to talk to a customer care representative. This becomes unnecessary cost in terms of air time. Ironically you are advised to use their toll-free handset yet the first instruction while resolving your issue would be to switch off the modem; the very same one the handset is connecting through. This does not make an iota of sense.

Two months ago I switched to Safaricom Home Fibre at 3,499 for 10 mbps. This is the same amount I was paying for 1 mbps Zuku. The downside is that Safaricom don't come with a TV package. Solution to this; I invested in an android box K1 Plus Quad-core. It has been smooth all through.

On another observation; I pity the Pay-TV package business! I envisage a scenario when unlimited internet will have spread widely and people invest in gadgets like android box, the pay-tv guys will be forced to close shop like simu ya jamii or telephone booths

What is an Android box,
An Android TV is a smart TV platform that runs on the Android operating system such as the Android 4.2.2, 5.0 ("Lollipop") or later. It actually converts your TV into a smart TV. That way you can be able to stream an channel live and can even add apps the same way you would do through Play Store on your smart phone. You can add add-ons as you move along which will enable you to expand functionality. For instance with KODI through EXODUS add-on you can stream any movie old and new including 2016 ones for free. All you need is good unlimited internet. 10 mbps is sufficient. When it comes to TV channels you can watch any including those only offered at premium packages of pay tv providers. Pls see further discussion here http://www.wazua.co.ke/f...spx?g=posts&t=32625[/color]
how much is it and where can one get it.
I bought mine at OLX for 9,000 having 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of ROM. There are very many versions at different price tags. I think what determines the prices are the internal memory since you can use the space in saving content and the amount of RAM. From reviews, RAM does not necessary determine speed and buffering. What does is mainly your internet speed. They are said to work best with 10 mbps and higher. Most of the devices offer 1 GB of RAM and between 4 and 8 GB of ROM storage, so you’re not going to be storing much HD video content on the TV box itself. However most have memory card slot.
Is it used together with the safaricom big Box?
[color=blue]You don’t necessarily need the safaricom big Box. In fact IMHO, the SBB was big failure. The big Box uses the same concept as the Android box. The difference is that the SBB is very much restricted in terms of usage while the AB is an open system that you can manipulate. Think of it like the Apple products whereby you only get content from Apple store unless you jailbreak. The AB is very versatile in usage.

I have a chromecast, Am I missing anything that an android box offers that chromecast doesn't ? I think thry are the same save for the remote which for chromecast is your phone.

I don't know how a chromecast works could be similar to AB. I would imagine using the phone as a remote could be a little tedious. Should you decide to acquire an AB, make sure it comes with a remote keyboard you will enjoy it!

I use it mostly with Mobdro via the phone...it simply mirrors whats on the mobdro app from the phone to the screen...
possunt quia posse videntur
Cornelius Vanderbilt
#82 Posted : Sunday, February 19, 2017 4:30:24 PM
Rank: Member

Joined: 8/15/2015
Posts: 737
heheh! things are getting alittle bit desperate at Zuku.what next naked girls?

#83 Posted : Sunday, February 19, 2017 4:56:32 PM
Rank: Elder

Joined: 4/22/2010
Posts: 10,258
Location: Nairobi
Cornelius Vanderbilt wrote:
heheh! things are getting alittle bit desperate at Zuku.what next naked girls?

Its been pathetic of late...Sad Sad
possunt quia posse videntur
#84 Posted : Monday, February 20, 2017 3:02:13 AM
Rank: Member

Joined: 8/10/2014
Posts: 624
Location: Kenya
Cornelius Vanderbilt wrote:
heheh! things are getting alittle bit desperate at Zuku.what next naked girls?

Safaricom just came into the market with Ksh30 billion to play around with plus with govt influence to get those wayleaves faster.
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