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Sunday, Aug 25, 2019
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Uhuru Kenyattas Speech
#1 Posted : Friday, March 01, 2019 1:14:40 AM
Rank: Elder

Joined: 9/19/2015
Posts: 2,489
Location: hapo
I was going to sleep then a friend sent me this after my post on Hajji and Kinoti.

This is the best speech I have ever heard. I believe he was talking about Ruto's previous speech about his not stealing 21 billion but only 7 billion. Then he supported Kinoti and Hajji.

He is serious. And if Uhuru is serious. Mimi niko ndaani ndaani ndaani. I am tired and will help him when he doesn't know. Like now.

I believe this Kenya has changed.

This is a speech from the heart. Remember that Raila had just spoke. And he ended his speech with the Kikuyu war song.

These are politicians. This is the beginning of the end of some people.

Rugendo witu nuraithie wega, tugithie na tugeshoka. Kawira gaitu nu karithie na mbere, gatire gashoka na thutha.

"Ni karia kararutuo na Uhuru na Raira"

I believe that even Uhuru is tired. Very very very tired.

Watch this speech from minute 5. I drink...Maybe, less then he does coz I don't have the cash, but I understand what he's saying.

If his so called people don't understand. This is what he's saying. He wants roads etc. And he's tired of hearing stories and he mentioned the previous occasion at the Judiciary. Guess who was speaking?

Watu wajipange.

FRM2011, people shall be shocked in 2022.

Everytime Uhuru goes to gishagi, Raira is there. Get into the program.

Thieves are not good people. Tumeelewana?
#2 Posted : Friday, March 01, 2019 2:40:59 AM
Rank: Elder

Joined: 2/26/2012
Posts: 14,728
How about disbanding KVDA, he appointed those mofos.
"There are only two emotions in the market, hope & fear. The problem is you hope when you should fear & fear when you should hope: - Jesse Livermore
#3 Posted : Friday, March 01, 2019 3:12:40 AM
Rank: New-farer

Joined: 8/26/2014
Posts: 44
"A tiger does not proclaim his tigritude, he pounces!" A person has the gall to stand in front of an audience and say the things they just said, while corruption tears away our entrails. Empty requiem mass rhetoric.
#4 Posted : Friday, March 01, 2019 8:50:52 AM
Rank: Member

Joined: 2/20/2007
Posts: 693
I fear IQ and cowardice are the main hindrances in this fight. Sincere rhetoric iko kibao.
They must find it difficult....... those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority. -G. Massey.
#5 Posted : Friday, March 01, 2019 2:11:38 PM
Rank: Member

Joined: 3/14/2012
Posts: 577
Location: Nairobi Kenya
I don't know about cracking the whip BUT it is clear he is not going to hold WSR's hand come 2022.
Before I die - i will touch the sky!!
#6 Posted : Thursday, April 18, 2019 7:44:41 PM
Rank: Elder

Joined: 9/19/2015
Posts: 2,489
Location: hapo
While one person is busy paying mpigs to praise him in funerals, the other is talking about the future of our children.


This coming from someone who never voted for Uhuru or Raila.

Then I think about this hustler and I want to puke.

Two great off the cuff speeches. That make sense for my kids.

Thieves are not good people. Tumeelewana?
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