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Saturday, Mar 28, 2020
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#1 Posted : Friday, February 14, 2020 12:29:29 AM
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Joined: 8/16/2011
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The Sire bull is now 6ft down under.

The Bullocks are now busy selecting their next sire. There is already a grown neighboring bull that sometime was stealing some "Shorts" when the Old bull slept or got exhausted.

The neighboring bull has some energy and is now famous for siring a few calves -yes look around and see some calves are different from the older dead bull and know where they came from.

Now this Fimbo or Rungu has no Magic like the baba black Whisker whoosker.

The word 'AOMBEWE' could have shown that the neighboring grown bull is blessed and is steady than these other bullocks that lay asleep all day when their Old bull brought home all calves.

Will Gidi support Ruto or resist Ruto?
This is the big question.

I see it differently. Gidi should support Ruto if he want to be strong.

If Ruto was to form the next Government Gidi would be famous and have time to be the next strong man in future.

If he fights Ruto three years to 2022 Election and Ruto lose to another person not Gidi, then both Gidi and Ruto waters will be dirty for life and Kalenjin community will be hard to ever see one of them back gain.

When Kalenjin is divided they become much more less than the Kambas. So they must beat the Luo, Luhya, ofcourse the stronger Kikuyu to win big posts in future.

Gidi must swallow his pride and jelousy nd support Ruto to enable that community Moi built to ever cpture leadership.

I predict again, if Ruto loses this 2022, Kales will scale down and break down back to old sub-tribes.

So Fimbo (Rungu) ya Gidi yatuongoza kwenda wapi?
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