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Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021
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Kakuzi HY 2020
#21 Posted : Sunday, November 08, 2020 7:25:47 AM
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Joined: 7/1/2009
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kmucheke wrote:
VituVingiSana wrote:
kmucheke wrote:
VituVingiSana wrote:
kmucheke wrote:
VituVingiSana wrote:
kmucheke wrote:
Witness tampering in rights abuse suit ‘untrue’, says Kakuzi

“Kakuzi strongly refutes the accusations by KHRC that they are manipulating witnesses to weaken the human rights cases against Camelia Plc, a major shareholder in the UK,” said Kakuzi in a statement.

KHRC alleged earlier on Wednesday, “Kakuzi has done everything possible to thwart efforts by the affected groups to get justice.” Law firm Leigh Day has said that 79 Kenyans had launched a legal claim in the High Court in London against Camellia for alleged human rights abuses by security guards employed by Kakuzi, its Kenyan subsidiary.

“Kakuzi has been luring unsuspecting claimants to withdraw from the UK suit as well as engaging in unscrupulous compensation of the victims,” the Commission had said.

Along Thika Rd there are pineapples for sale on the roadside. They tend to be the same size as those sold in the Del Monte shop. Could this be a coincidence?

There are cases of pineapple theft reported by Del Monte. They have a dark past that seems to be worse than Kakuzi's.

In the past Del Monte has been accused of unleashing dogs on suspected pineapple thieves and trespassers.

In 1980, a nine-year-old girl was killed when the Del Monte guards unleashed their dogs on her.

Scores of other people have since been attacked and seriously injured by the German Shepherds that guard the 13,500-acre fruit farm which produces 300,000 tonnes of pineapple annually. The pineapples and juices are canned for export to Europe, USA, and Japan.



In 1999, Centro Nuovo Modello di Sviluppo (CNMS), an Italian human rights group, began a campaign for consumers in Italy to boycott Del Monte pineapples after research conducted by the group found conditions at the company's factory to be inferior.This campaign was backed by the Kenya Human Rights Commission, which stated that wages were not enough to meet basic needs, that living quarters and sanitation was "disgraceful," toxic pesticides deemed by the World Health Organization as "Extremely hazardous" and "Highly hazardous" were being used, and that the company was intimidating internal trade union leaders, among other concerns. In the past, Del Monte Royal had asserted that no evidence had been existent to corroborate CNMS' claims of any illness, disease of fatalities resulting from unsafe conditions.


What would you do to keep (suspected) thieves and trespassers out?

Eternal vigilance, till kingdom come.
Isn't that what Del Monte was doing?

Yes vigilance, but without the brutality. Vigilance within the confines of humanity and the law.

When faced with insecurity and corruption, what recourse do we have if the police do not do their part? Here are examples of cases we've seen in this country.

1. Vigilantes in Kirinyaga took on the Mungiki in their county when the Police seemed unwilling or unable to address the menace.

2. Mobs lynching burglary or murder suspects right outside police stations after they are released.

3. One time, the GOK disarmed people from Turkana. Within weeks, they were attacked by Oromo cattle rustlers from Ethiopia. The Police had left them defenseless and exposed. Naturally, they had to arm themselves again.

4. Home owners hurting or killing house burglars; it is considered self-defence.

5. The PORK once told the nation that security is our responsibility, after a certain community in Lamu was targeted by Al-Shabaab.

What to do?

#22 Posted : Friday, November 27, 2020 10:08:53 AM
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Joined: 2/8/2018
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