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Tuesday, Apr 13, 2021
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Pot bellied men

What do women really think of men’s pot bellies?

Physical appearance. Whether we like it or not people form first impressions of you based on how you look. The opposite sex is no exception. So what do women really think of your pot belly? Maybe we should start with: How do pot bellies develop.

As we grow older our metabolism slows down which means that we burn fewer and fewer calories for basic body functions. This in turn means that we need lesser and lesser food as we advance in age. Unfortunately, our appetites don't seem to decrease in proportion to the slow down and we continue to consume the same amount of food. We think that by reducing the fat content in the food we are taking care of the weight problem. But we should be conscious not just of fat but of how many total calories we are consuming. This leads to excess energy being stored as fat in the belly for men and forming the ’pot belly’.

Traditionally, men with pot bellies were considered to be wealthy. They had more than enough for themselves and their family. People who were big or fat were generally considered to be healthier. Since ideally a woman would like to be with a man who is a good provider, pot bellied men were held in high esteem. But is this true today?

Statistics show that most women in relationships would like their men to remain fit even after marriage. However, some time down the marriage, they don’t consider it a priority. This could be due to love, it could also be due to the fact that they are also finding it hard to maintain their own figures! If a woman drops from a hot number 9 to an average number 5, she may feel threatened if her husband is still a number 8. Single ladies would generally prefer fit, trimmed men, but may settle for pot bellied men due to factors such as personality and financial status.

I have seen men who can work their pot belly, these are men who are self aware, are comfortable in their own skin and are confident. So if you think you have the swagger to pull it, by all means, otherwise please hit the gym – especially if you’re still single!

By Cee Cee

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Well, if my wife/gf/mpango wants to comment on my pot belly, she better look like she did when I was really into her...

vituvingisana | Thursday, December 24, 2009

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